About us

The SHOPSTATO.com project is a response to the limited possibilities of monitoring data and clear sales statistics in e-shop solutions. Where the range of common statistics is not enough or the possibilities of tools such as Google Analytics end, it is SHOPSTATO. Strategically important information about the operation of the e-shop is always on the eyes of their operators and in a much more comprehensive form.

The strong point of the system is the simple connection - you don't have to be a specialist, work with real data - no estimates ending with sending the order to the e-shop and, last but not least, the complexity of the data obtained. This makes SHOPSTATO completely different from other tools, which in most cases no longer know what happens to orders after they are sent to the e-shop, and their statistics are often significantly skewed (due to cancellations, changes in orders, etc.). Since its launch in April 2019, then under a different name, the system has undergone several significant changes. The changes were formed according to feedback from e-shops involved in testing. From the beginning, however, it helps e-shop operators get the most out of data and effectively use this information in their marketing activities.

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Ing. Petr Záruba

Experience programmer, personality pragmatist. He got into e-commerce through the programming of internal business systems. He likes a good steak, he likes to taste the beers of small breweries and he is passionate about studying the news from the financial markets.

Ing. Martin Lyčka

A soul technician with a sense of discipline. He has been working intensively in e-commerce since 2017, when he was in charge of the operation and development of the Motozem.cz e-shop. He spends his free time on cars and motorcycles, he is fascinated by martial arts.


Ing. Radek Lyčka

A programmer who breaks the long-held notions of programmers as weirdos - a biker, he plays in a metal band and hates science fiction.

František Bugala

An online marketer focusing on the e-commerce market. His domain is data analysis. He also likes to realize in graphics or walk in the mountains.

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